Review: Plaza Premium Lounge in KLIA

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It has been some years (at least 7 or 8 years) since I last stepped foot in KLIA, so I was really looking forward to exploring the airport terminal during my 4-hour layover there. I usually take AirAsia for the 1-hour flight to KL, so am more familiar with its hub at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).

At first glance, the KLIA terminal looks beautiful – I still remember how it was hailed as an up-and-coming regional aviation hub when it first opened in 1998.

Sunset at KLIA terminal

It hasn’t really been able to compete on the same level as other Southeast Asian hubs like Singapore’s Changi or Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi, but is still a pretty cool airport in my opinion, and makes for pretty convenient transfers on Malaysia Airlines and other oneworld alliance carriers.

I figured I would make use of my Priority Pass membership to access the Plaza Premium Lounge in KLIA, have a quick shower and refresh myself for the long flight ahead.

The Plaza Premium Lounge was located in KLIA’s satellite terminal, where most of the shops, restaurants, airline lounges and other amenities are located.

It was a short ride on the Aerotrain to the satellite terminal, where there’s a cool rainforest theme going on. It’s difficult to see from the picture below, but within that glass dome in the center is a small patch of greenery, reminiscent of a tropical rainforest. I think it’d look really beautiful in the day, and reminds one that we are here in the lush tropics.

KLIA satellite terminal

The lounge was really busy, probably from all the Priority Pass members making use of the lounge like myself.

Upon entering the lounge, you will be greeted by the dining area, with seats arranged in twos and fours.

Plaza Premium Lounge dining area

Most of the seats were already taken up, but I managed to find some empty sofa seats towards the back of the lounge.


The lounge offers a good view of the tarmac, and there’s plenty of seating by the windows for those who love plane-spotting.

View of tarmac from Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA

All of the 3 or 4 shower suites were already taken up, but I gave my name to the attendant (a very pleasant and genial makcik) who assured me that she would call me once they were available.

I helped myself to some of the cakes and pastries from the buffet, but did not take the rice and mains since I’d just had dinner at one of the restaurants outside.

Cakes and pastries from the lounge

There is also a bar, where you could order some alcohol, freshly-pressed juices or made-to-order teas and coffees. This was also where the cakes and pastries were located – the Malay kueh-kueh were especially good.

The bar at Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA

Reading materials include both international titles (Wall Street Journal, some Japanese and Taiwanese papers) and magazines.

Reading materials at Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA

Within 15 minutes, the shower attendant makcik came over and indicated that the shower suite was now available.

The shower suite is a bit smaller than I expected, but is perfectly serviceable for a quick shower, and had been nicely cleaned by the attendant.

Shower suite at Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA

There was good water pressure, clean fluffy towels and toiletries provided.

Shower suite at Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA

The myriad of shops and restaurants, seating areas with international TV broadcast, quiet rest areas and other amenities, including free Wi-fi, and good connections between Malaysia Airlines and other oneworld alliance partners makes KLIA a pretty good choice for transiting to other destinations in the region.

Plaza Premium Lounge in KLIA can get a little busy from all the Priority Pass members accessing it, but offers everything you might need in an airport lounge and makes a good option to freshen up and recharge for the next leg of your flight.



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